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Personal Theory

and about the artist

My colorful watercolor illustrations reflect who I am as a person. I fill each day with a determination to create a positive impact on the world around me. Through painting, creating, leading, and how I live my life, everything is bold, abundant, and intentional.

From a young age, I felt a strong sense of purpose as a creative individual, using my artwork to express my unique perspective and share it with others. Since I was three years old, I have been surrounded by nature and creativity. It was common to spend a Saturday with my family hiking through Silver Creek Falls or trails along the Oregon coast.

Twenty years later I sit at my desk in Eugene. I remember these hikes and coastal weekends, amazed by the intricacy of my surroundings. I think of how the florals, greenery, and clouds sat separately but once paired together, they created a complete image. I take pride in the fact that with little time and a limited budget I have been able to explore, roam, and get lost in the natural world around me. I want to share these experiences though the best way I can; by creating watercolor illustrations that foster self expression, positivity, and conversation.


Story Behind the Stickers

As a junior in high school, I printed my very first sticker with the dream of making my artwork more accessible to family and friends. And well... I love stickers! So, what better way than to create my own stickers. With not much my bank account, I spent $104 on 300 stickers.

I sold these stickers throughout my high school within just three weeks. I quickly realized the potential in selling my watercolor paintings in the form of 3x3 vinyl stickers, and with my dad's help, I put together a business plan. I wanted to get my stickers into retail stores and started pitching my products to every local coffee shop, book store, and grocery spot in my small town. After a few months, I was thrilled to have secured six wholesale locations, and I partnered with a sales representative in the Pacific Northwest to help me expand even further.

Since then, my business has grown beyond my wildest dreams, and I've been able to add new products to my line. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm proud to say that my products are now available in gift shops across the United States. Even as I pursue Business and Fine Arts at the University of Oregon, I remain committed to my business and grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.